South Cumbria Fly Dressers

South Cumbria Fly Dressers: Meetings

Tony Riley Tying Spiders Tony Riley Tying Spiders

South Cumbria Fly Dressers meetings are held every Wednesday between October and March at 7.30pm.

We are no a frills and friendly group who gather together during the dark months for evenings of tutorials and talks.

We cater for everyone, from beginners through to expert and have some seasoned professionals like Paul Little, Paul Procter and Tony Riley in our club and many of our senior members are expert in entemology and tying.

An informal approach is taken in tuition, we all muck in together with the more seasoned members assisting and instructing the beginners with a bit of mickey taking thrown in (not at the tiers but between the seasoned members) which makes for a fun evening!

South Cumbria Fly Dressers: Meeting Location

South Cumbria Fly Dressers Branch meetings are held in the British Legion on Brogden Street in the Market Town of Ulverston in Cumbria.

South Cumbria Fly Dressers: Tying Calendar

Howard Croston Presents World Fly Fishing Championships Howard Croston Lectures on World Fly Fishing Championships

Our calendar crosses many wide and varied subjects; entemology, Saltwater Flies, Terrestrial, Stillwater and River patterns, discussions on boat fishing, fly lines + leaders and the rest.

To see current South Cumbria Fly Dressers calendar please follow the link.

During our tying season we have guest speakers, fly tying demonstrations and workshops. Our recent speakers have included Paul Little, Paul Procter, Tony Riley, Stuart Crofts, Howard Croston, Marc Petitjean and Charles Jardine.

Paul Procter Fly Tying at South Cumbria Fly Dressers

Paul Procter demonstrates how to tie detached bodied flies